SUFFERIN’ SUCCOTASH! — Ex-Cop Trump Nut Hilariously Threatens RNC ‘Never Trumpers’ (VIDEO)

Former Cop and Trump super fan Jim Stachowiak is livid over people he calls “Never Trumpers” trying to usurp his personal hero, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Stachowiak is known for creating incredibly offensive and bizarre YouTube videos ranting about everything from Black Lives Matter to Radical Islam.

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The former cop has been banned from Facebook and charged with criminal defamation for falsely accusing a LinkedIn user of being a terrorist.

But in his most recent video, Stachowiak took aim at fellow Republicans who refuse to vote for his golden-haired man-god in what could be easily passed off as an atrocious 1980’s pro wrestling promo.

“Hey, you Never Trumpsters,” he begins. “You people are pieces of garbage. You want to enable a terrorist sympathizer getting in the White House in Hillary Clinton, by not getting behind Donald Trump?… Ted Cruz, you’re a treasonous piece of garbage, why don’t you go back to Canada where your roots are?”

While the video starts off crazy, the conclusion show’s Stachowiak “Trumping Up” into full psycho mode as he promises death, pain, and other dreadful things to all who dare opposes God Emperor Trump.

“You know, there will be more terrorist attacks, and unfortunately there’ll be victims,” he says. “If there’s going to be any victims in the terrorist attack, I hope it’s the left-wing liberals who are victims. I hope it’s the people that are members of Black Lives Matter. I hope it’s the people who oppose Trump who are victims of a terrorist attack.”

It’s so sad to see Sylvester fall so low.

And for those who don’t mind seeing my ugly mug. Here is my reaction video.

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