Democratic Governor’s Tax Increase And Lower Unemployment Create $1.9 Billion Surplus

The GOP’s entire raison d’etre is that they understand business better and the party to trust on the economy. Nevermind that every single Democratic President since FDR has absolutely killed Republicans on the economy, they have an entire network in Fox News to keep the herd nice and dumb.

Enter  Democratic Governor of Minnesota Mark Dayton

When Mark Dayton was being sworn in as the net Governor of Minnesota he had to grapple with a Republican legislature and a state with billions in deficit. Notwithstanding, the state of Minnesota now has a surplus had reached $1.9 billion.

Commissioner Myron Frans of Minnesota Management and Budget called the forecast sunny, like weather outside.

“The ship continues on course and we are improving the stability and control of the ship,” Frans said, continuing a marine theme that then-Finance Commissioner Pam Wheelock began years ago when she proclaimed, “We have a boatload of money” during another surplus year.

Gov. Mark Dayton said that when took office five years ago, he faced a $6.2 billion deficit and the state owed schools $2 billion. (Daily Kos)

How could that be? I mean, I thought Democrats hated business as much as they hate not being shot at by an armed psycho.

Basically, the Democratic Party accomplished this by lifting taxes on the rich, increasing  the minimum wage, and passing a state law guaranteeing women equal pay. That’s all the stuff that makes baby Jesus cry and what Republicans usually say will make the sky collapse. Indeed, the Democratic Party in Minnesota has successfully shown that when you do crazy things, like representing the people as opposed to a handful of really selfish and greedy old guys, you can actually help both rich and poor. I bet Fox News will totally concede that point too.

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