Suck It, Conservatives: Poll Shows Americans Leaning More Democratic And Progressive (IMAGE)

Trying to figure out the psyche of the American voter is like trying to listen to Bob Dylan read Finnegan’s Wake. Although last November’s midterm elections that catapulted the crazies into full control of the asylum saw the lowest voter turnout in history, Americans largely supported very progressive and democratic ballot initiatives.

But an extra glimmer of hope (and hard-on for the DNC) going into 2016 comes with a new poll, which shows more and more Americans leaning Democratic.

It seems the Pew Research Center dug very deep into the realm of changing political attitudes and party affiliation. As far as who Republicans are, there really were many surprises. For example, the poll found Mormons (+48) and Evangelical Christians (+46) as the heaviest skewing Republican groups, which naturally were followed by white Southern men. And equally unsurprising were the results from those supporting Democrats, which included Blacks (+69), Asians (+42), religiously unaffiliated (+36), postgraduate women (+35), Jewish (+30), Hispanics (+30), and millennials (+16).

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However, one interesting thing that Pew found was that more Americans lean Democratic than Republican.

Image via screengrab and courtesy of Pew Research Center

Image via screengrab and courtesy of Pew Research Center

So it seems if the Republican Party wishes to ever remain relevant again in national elections, then it might want to stop being the party of Jethro and Mr. Potter. While most Americans largely like government out of their lives and tend to be fiscally conservative, they are increasingly socially liberal. Hillary might not be garnering much enthusiasm among more progressive-minded Democrats and rightfully so, but so long as she’s up against guys like Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee, she can’t look any more progressive. So when Republicans angrily shout that they want to “take the country back,” what they really mean is they want to take the country ‘backwards.’


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