Hatred Overflowed Like A Toilet After Trump Fans Were Asked ‘How Should Hillary Clinton Be Punished?’ (VIDEO)

On Tuesday, during the second day of the Republican National Convention, Donald Trump was officially crowned the GOP’s presidential candidate for the Fall. However, Trump wasn’t the star of the night; that honor went to his opponent Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Throughout the evening speaker after speaker assailed Clinton. Former GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson implied she had a tenuous connection to Lucifer. And former GOP candidate and soon to be ex-Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie “prosecuted” Clinton in front of a rabid crowd of wild-eyed Hillary haters.

The governor prompted the ruckus crowd to chant “guilty!” after making a few heavily biased and leading arguments that would have gotten him thrown out of a real courtroom.

We’re going to present the facts to you, as a jury of her peers, both in this hall and in living rooms around our nation,” Christie said. “We didn’t disqualify Hillary Clinton to be president of the United States. The facts of her life and career disqualify her.

On Wednesday, Al Baldasaro, a key trump supporter who advises the campaign on veteran-related issues, said on a radio show that Clinton deserves to “be put in the firing line and shot for treason.”

So the fine folks at Mother Jones decided to interview some die hard Trump supporters and posed a simple question. How should Hillary Clinton have been punished?

The answers were as you could imagine, pretty scary. There were quite a few Trump fans who felt she should be executed for Treason.

She’s extremely corrupt, she’s extremely dangerous,” said Rhonda Welsch, a 55-year-old food and beverage worker at a Hawaii resort. “I think that’s what she deserves: the death penalty.

While other supporters felt, she should have been indicted and put in jail.

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In the magical and horrifying neo-con world that Trump supporters share, there is no question of Clinton’s guilt or of her evil socialist agenda. In their world where there is no color only black and white, even the word “gray” is outlawed.

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