Painfully Stupid Fox Hosts Think ’13 Hours’ Is A Documentary (VIDEOS)

The folks at Fox News are all fired up over Benghazi again (or still), thanks to the new Michael Bay movie, “13 Hours.” The fact that the movie is a thinly disguised political hit job on Hillary Clinton is lost on them. The fact that Bay proved with his film “Pearl Harbor” that he can’t take an historical event and tell its story in a documentary style, without loading it down with a layer of bullshit is also lost on them. Forget all of those hours of congressional testimony from Hillary Clinton and others that led the committees involved, run by Republicans, to conclude that the State Department acted properly during the attack. In the alternate universe inhabited by Fox hosts and their viewers, “13 Hours” is the real deal, baby!

The movie was the topic of discussion among the crew on the January 18 Outnumbered, where one debunked myth after another came flowing out of the panel and their guest, former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown.

Host Sandra Smith gets the ball rolling, saying that Clinton has dismissed “13 Hours” as a “quote, ‘dramatization'” of what took place on the ground in Benghazi. The suggestion is that Clinton is trying to belittle the story told by the movie, but the fact is that “13 Hours” IS “a dramatization.” Nobody, not even Michael Bay, is claiming that it is a documentary.

Smith turns to Brown, and observes that “there are still so many unanswered questions here.” Really? And a movie, which is admittedly a work of at least partial fiction, is going to answer the questions that 10 different congressional committees apparently couldn’t?

Andrea Tantaros, permanent sneer in place, comes next. She says,

This isn’t just a movie that’s based on fiction. …You can look at four grave stones, four tombstones and know that this is real.

NEWS FLASH, Andrea! The Battleship Arizona memorial at Pearl Harbor is real, too. The characters played in that movie by Ben Affleck and Josh Hartnett were not. Get the difference, or am I being too subtle for you?

Then Tantaros goes “there.”

We know from that movie a ‘stand down order’ was given. Who gave it?

Poor Andrea. She just doesn’t understand the difference between fact and fiction. Tantaros might want to go through her employer’s story archives. Because if she did, she might run across the Fox News story from 2014 featuring the following headline:

No stand down order or military missteps in Benghazi attack, GOP-controlled intel panel finds

Democratic strategist Julie Roginsky points out that Clinton testified for 11 hours, and “answered all the questions that were posed to her.” But then even Roginsky qualifies her defense of Clinton by calling the stand down order claim “a point of contention.” It’s only a point of contention on Fox News, Julie.

Of course it’s Tantaros who goes over the top with her rhetoric. After saying that Clinton should be in jail, Tantaros says she thinks the former first lady should have a lot of company:

If anyone sees this movie, and everyone should go see it, and goes on to vote for Hillary Clinton they’re a criminal.

If that is the most over the top statement of the segment, this one, by Sandra Smith, is the most cringe-worthy:

All they keep getting in return is ‘I’ve testified for hours on this. I’ve answered every question.’ She doesn’t ever change her answers to any of these questions.

That’s most likely because she’s telling the truth, Sandra. Liars usually slip up at some point or other, but someone who is telling the truth typically tells it the same way, over and over. But why should we expect you to understand the nature of the truth? You work for Fox News.

The first video below is the segment from “Outnumbered.”

This is an excellent debunking of the Benghazi myths that have been reborn thanks to “13 Hours,” courtesy of Media Matters.

Featured image via Fox News screen capture

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