Study Shows Hypocritical Porn Habits Of 11 States Suing Obama Over Trans Bathroom Bill

Hypocrisy is pretty much the only thing today’s Republicans know these days, and boy is it practiced a lot. The loudest anti-gay “family values” conservative Republican usually turns out to have covert gay sex affairs. Well, the same appears to be true with regards to their hatred of transgender people.

Since where people use the bathroom is now the biggest issue of the day, the Obama administration issued a non-binding declaration telling schools to let students use the restroom that corresponds with their gender identity.  These are the following states that filed suit against the Obama administration: Texas, Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Louisiana, Maine, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

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Teaming up with porn site xHamster, Broadly attempted to figure out how many times trans porn videos were searched, watched, and uploaded in each of the 11 states that are currently suing the Obama administration for their trans bathroom directive. Well, it turns out that millions of people in those eleven states might like trans people more than they lead on.

But what state hates (and loves) trans porn the most?

Out of all eleven states, Texas racked up the most views “of the trans video category” at 1,641,050. They also come out on top for most searches specifically for trans porn with 105,053. Ironically – and hypocritically – Texas’ Republican state government has been loudly championing anti-trans laws that would legalize the discrimination of trans people in schools and public spaces. Other states with similarly barbaric anti-trans laws also placed highly on the list including Georgia with over 700,000 views of the trans video category.

Perhaps these states need to learn to embrace the trans community instead of trying so aggressively to squash it.

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