Students To Protest Fake ‘Mass Shooting’ With ‘Mass Farting’ Protest

When a group of megalomaniacal over-the-top gun enthusiasts decided that they wanted to experiment with performance art to “celebrate” a new law allowing guns on campus, their bastard brainchild was a mock mass shooting. Yes, you read that right, a mock mass shooting, complete with gun sound effects, fake blood, and fake casualties. The disturbing, pointless, theatre macabre has, thankfully, sparked sensible students into a protest of their own.

The group putting on the “backfire” event and homage to the campus Dildo Carry, in keeping with the disgusting theme chosen by the gun-nuts, will be holding a Mass Farting (and Dildo Waving) Protest opposite the awful event. According to the Facebook Event Page:

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Pro-gun extremists have announced that they will be doing a mock mass shooting on the UT Austin campus this Saturday afternoon. Let’s respond to their fear with something funny: a mass farting (and dildo waving).

As for the actual “cutting of the cheese,” the group organizers, Tim Sookram and Andrew Dobbs, encourages all participants to bring all the noisemakers that they can get, from the Minions “Fart Blaster” to Whoopie Cushions, hands, mouths, phone apps, and even potentially their own butts. The plan, to drown out the disgusting noises being made at the grotesque fake mass shooting with some humorous fog horns, and stink tubas, of their own.

Blasting the planned event with a “stink torpedo,” and airing their displeasure with the fake mock shootings lack of respect for life, victims of mass shootings. and their families, these protesters will be taking phallic symbols in hand and farting in their general direction. Creating, hopefully, enough noise to drown out the noises made by the inconceivably callous presentation of a fake mass shooting to commemorate the increased chance of more real mass shootings in the future.

All puns aside, these protesters deserve a standing ovation. They are holding up a mirror to the disgusting nature of the planned death carnival production that will be put on by heartless, compassionless, gun-obsessed a$$holes. As of August 2016, a new law will go into effect allowing concealed carry of guns on most areas of the campus with a permit. How anyone can celebrate events of mass carnage, putting on a so-called theatrical production of our national shame and pain as a badge of freedom, is hard to fathom.

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