WATCH: Hard Right-Winger And Founder Of The Oath Keepers Calls For John McCain’s Execution (VIDEO)

Republicans don’t always play well together; sometimes, mixing the right and the hard right can result in a reaction similar to the explosive mixture of the alkali metals and water. To illustrate, Stewart Rhodes, the founder of the far right-wing Oath Keepers, called for Arizona Senator John McCain’s execution during a May 5 event in Tempe, Arizona.

Rhodes, who founded the diffuse network of law enforcement and military personnel, both former and current, attended the event with Richard Mack, the so-called “constitutional sheriff,” as well as the president of the Arizona State Senate, Andy Biggs (R-of course).

McCain is not popular with the hard right. They’ve tried to recall him before, and as Rhodes notes during his speech, McCain is often seen as a figure of the establishment — or, as Rhodes calls them, the “blue hairs.”

Rhodes blamed the “McCain machine” for torpedoing the “young blood” in the Ron Paul convention in 2008. He recalled serving as a delegate for Ron Paul during the GOP convention in Nevada, and he also recalled the “GOP Machine” cutting lights too early, as a means to shut them down.

Rhodes accused the “GOP good-ol’-boy network” of “getting their preordained, anointed candidate who would go along with the program of the destruction of this country.”

He then went on to slam McCain, calling for the geriatric senator to be “hung from the neck until dead” for his crimes:

John Cain [sic] is a traitor to the Constitution. He should be tried for treason before a jury of his peers — which he would deny you, he supports your denial of a jury trial, he supported the NDAA saying that he could just have the president slam you into a brig in North Carolina or South Carolina or wherever else he wanted to, try you by military tribunal and have you executed. He would deny you the right for trial to jury, but we will give him a trial for jury, and then after we convict him, he should be hung by the neck until dead. But that was their candidate!

Biggs would later express to The Arizona Republic that he was the first speaker, and spoke for about 30 to 35 minutes. He added that he had no idea who the Oath Keepers even were, and confused them for the “Promise Keepers,” a ministry for men. He also added he didn’t know Rhodes, and thought he’d been invited by “an Arizona liberty group.”

When asked whether he agreed with Rhode’s comments, Biggs said he didn’t, but added that he didn’t feel it was his place to interrupt.

Brian Rodgers, a spokesman for the McCain Camp, told the newspaper that the Senator had “no comment.”

Watch Stewart Rhodes call for John McCain’s execution below:


Featured Image: Video Screenshot via Right Wing Watch

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