WATCH: Stewart MASTERFULLY Responds To Fox And Their ‘Rich Buffet Of B*llsh*t’ (VIDEO)

Sometimes Fox News just gets so brazen that it defies reality. We have reached that time once again. This week, Fox decided to go so far beyond shameless they would need to catch a bus to get back to shameless. Jon Stewart and the Daily Show staff were there to nail them on every level.

First, the “fair and balanced” crowd were pondering “why Obama doesn’t seem to care about the poor?” This from a network that, as Stewart puts it, “would make Ebenezer Scrooge stand up and say – ‘hey take it easy, these are people we’re talkin about'” in reaction to the usual banter on Fox where they refer to the poor as moochers, sponges, and the like. Of course, Stewart backs up his allegations with a blistering series of clips that must be seen to believed.

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When Stewart shows President Obama at a symposium on poverty from Tuesday, what does Fox focus on? Is it the ideas Obama brings up or anything having to do with the subject of poor people, even vaguely? Of course not. Fox takes their shamelessness to a whole new level by pretending that they haven’t been the mouthpiece chanting the “poor are lazy moochers” mantra for their radical right wing base to suck up.

Stewart expertly goes back and forth showing how Fox is talking out of both sides of their mouths just to insult Obama. It is a total dissection of Fox , who seems to “pay no attention until they hear their own names” and their totally disingenuous ways.

It isn’t all about Fox though. Towards the end, check out how Stewart gives MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and Mike Barnicle a well deserved dressed down for “pleying dumb” and defending the indefensible with his “Did You Even Try To Research This” game. A game that takes less than 30 seconds to play before a winner is found.

Enjoy the 3 course prix fixe  — pr*ckfest that Stewart serves up HERE:

Fox’s blatant disregard for anything factual that doesn’t meet their agenda and narrative has gotten way out of hand. Kudos to Stewart for definitively showing just how bad they are, again.

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