Stevie Wonder Makes Hilarious – But TRUE – Analogy When It Comes To Voting For Trump

Anyone who has been watching the bizarre 2016 election season knows that GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump has run an absolute travesty of a campaign. This is due to the candidate himself, who is erratic, impulsive, crude, vulgar, bigoted, and unhinged. His own campaign staff had to take control of his own Twitter account away from him in order to avoid any last minute Trumpster fires created by their candidate’s off the cuff and often offensive tweets. Here is a man who cannot hand a Twitter account, who wants Americans to give him control of the nuclear codes.

Plenty of people in high places have weighed in to say, in many different ways, that Donald Trump is clearly unfit for office. The latest to do so is legendary singer Stevie Wonder. He gives a simple, but correct, analogy of just how dangerous voting for Donald Trump is. Wonder used his own identity as a blind man to make said analogy, saying to a anchor on the subject of voting for Trump:

“If you had an emergency situation and needed to go to the hospital, and you had to get there right away, would you want me driving your car?”

“No, you wouldn’t be my first choice,” the reporter replied seriously.

Wonder has, like many influential stars, has been hitting the trail for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, and proceeded to heap praise upon her, saying that “she has spent 30 years with a commitment.” He continued:

“Not to mention that her parents taught her in a kinder way, to have respect and love for all people. That’s the person I want to govern, to be the leader of this nation.”

Stevie Wonder is right. Giving Trump the reins of the nation would be like, on a grand scale, giving your car keys to a blind man and telling him to drive on one of America’s busiest freeways. All it would take is the slightest provocation – perhaps a perceived slight on a colorful foreign talk show – for Trump to fly off the handle and lead us into a war. On the other side of that, we have Hillary Clinton who, no matter what you think of her, is a lifelong public servant who knows what to do in situations of crisis. She has done plenty of good for America, and she will continue to do so from the Oval Office.

Listen to Stevie Wonder and all of the other wise legends, America, and elect Hillary Clinton the next President of the United States of America.

Featured image via Mike Coppola/Getty Images

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