Stephen King Wrote A Campaign Slogan For Donald Trump

Stephen King makes a living exorcising his demons by making them characters in best selling novels. For real people, though, he takes his words to the twitterverse, where he can be hilarious, pointed and often brutal, especially toward Republicans.

His latest Twitter target is Donald Trump. King wrote a campaign slogan for him.

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 12.18.53 AM

Here’s another:

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 12.32.12 AM

King is no stranger to going after Republicans and the absurdity of modern-day conservatism. In April, before Trump threw his hat into the race, King tweeted, “Cruz, Paul and Rubio, all running for President. Hey, I thought I was supposed to write the horror stories.”

He doesn’t always limit himself to 140 characters. In 2011, he commented on the visceral hatred toward the President.

STEPHEN KING: And I started to think about it again in 2008, because there are a lot of parallels between John F. Kennedy and Barack Obama: The age. They’re both young politicians. They both spent a short time in the Senate. They both have beautiful wives. They both have beautiful kids. And also, there’s also been this sort of atmosphere of real hate and obstructionism that surrounded both men. So, I began to think history repeats itself and at that point I thought to myself, “You know I really would like to write this book.” And one of the things I that I’d kinda like to say is “Here is where hate will get you eventually. This is what happens. Finally, it’s the barrel of a gun.

He angered conservatives last year with these two tweets about the rash of undocumented Latin American child refugees crossing our borders:


One of his most passionate issues, though, is guns. On June 18th, after the horrific shooting of nine African-American parishioners in Charleston, SC, he tweeted these:

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 12.34.05 AM

I look forward to watching King’s twitter feed during Thursday’s GOP clown car debate. It will be as entertaining and undoubtedly more intelligent than anything going on on the stage.

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