Stephen King: Trump Is A ‘Rabid Coyote’ (TWEET)


Stephen King is getting fed up with America  — at least he’s getting fed up with the idea that Americans would vote for Donald Trump. On Tuesday, he tweeted about it:

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 9.12.03 PM

It’s far from the first time King has tweeted about Trump. Last month, he said:

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 9.14.17 PM

He also tweeted this:


And this:

Screen-Shot-2015-08-06-at-12.32.12-AMUnfortunately, a lot has changed in the month since King tweeted that. Here’s what Trump said in September:

September, 2015: “I love the Muslims, I think they’re great people.

Would he appoint a Muslim to his cabinet? “Oh, absolutely, no problem with that.”

Today, the description of “crazy, ranting uncle” sounds almost quaint compared to what Trump has turned into.

When Trump was attacking Latin-Americans, it was bigoted, and it certainly provoked hate crimes, but it likely didn’t provoke terrorism.

His more recent rhetoric, though, where he is calling for Muslims to be banned from the country (no explanation as to what kind of religious test he plans to administer), is dangerous on an international level.

Peter Fenn of US News summed it up this way:

Trump’s ban would even include world leaders who are Muslim. They would not be allowed into the United States, let alone tourists or relatives of Americans or world renowned individuals coming for a scientific meeting here.

Just like his plan to deport 12 million people, the absurdity is readily apparent. But put yourself in the shoes of of one of the 1.7 billion people across the globe who is a Muslim, 23 percent of the world’s population; you are watching the leading Republican candidate for president of the United States making these statements.

How many recruits will the Islamic State group gain from Trump’s move toward fascism? How confused will young, angry, poor Muslims in the war-torn Middle East be, and how many Muslims will believe “successful” Donald Trump represents American thought and values and our approach to the world?

And Stephen King thought he was supposed to write the horror stories.

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