Stephen King: Mass Shootings Won’t Stop Until People Can’t Buy A ‘F*cking Killing Machine’ (VIDEO)

Recently, legendary horror writer Stephen King sat down with fellow best-selling author Game of Thrones author R.R. Martin for an epic interview. The two authors discussed a broad range of issues, including king’s newest book, End of Watch.

However, the conversation took a serious turn when the authors started discussing mass shootings in the U.S. King mentioned the largest mass shooting in U.S. history which killed 49 people and injured 53 at the Pulse LGBT Night Club in Orlando.

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As long as anybody who’s got only two wheels on the road can walk into a store and buy a f*cking killing machine like an AR-15 or something, this is just going to go on. It’s really up to us.

The author’s comments come as Democrats are in the middle of a sit-in protest to force the Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan to allow an up or down vote on two vital gun reform measures. The first proposal would vastly expand and toughen background checks, and the other proposal would prevent anyone on a terror or no-fly watch list from purchasing a firearm.

King described the main character in his new book as a “nobody,” much like many of the mass shooters are.

[A] lot of these guys are nobodies who see their way to some kind of stardom by creating an act of mass terror. And, of course, the sad thing about this is that we remember the killers long after their victims are forgotten, and that’s one of the things that makes this a self-perpetuating act.

I would argue that someone like the man who shot all these people in Orlando, he may have pledged allegiance to ISIS but before that he was a spouse abuser and somebody with a lot of anger. And I think that in a  lot of cases these acts are perpetrated by people who may put some political icing on the cake, but basically they’re just f*cking crazy.

King has long argued for responsible gun control legislation after nearly every mass shooting that makes national headlines. He’s been a long-time critic of the NRA and its loud shiny culture of death capitalism. Like many Americans, King has watched in horror as the NRA lobbied and defeated even the most common sense gun reform.

Reforms, such as the one defeated in the wake of the Sandy Hook mass shooting, which called for limiting ammo magazines for semi-automatic weapons like the one used by the shooter who killed 20 kindergarteners and six adults in just before Christmas in 2012.

For decades Stephen King has written about madness and murder on a regular basis, but none even his best works can compare to the madness it takes for the American people to accept Washington’s inaction on gun reform.

Here’s the full interview. King’s comments on mass shootings start from 36:58 to 43:12.

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