Stephen Colbert’s Cartoon Trump Shows Why, Statistically, You Hate Trump (VIDEO)

In preparation for Tuesday’s Wisconsin primary, Stephen Colbert drives home the fact that only 30 percent of the respondents to this poll are either stupid, racist or rich enough to hold a favorable opinion of Donald Trump. Oh, and despite the national level of disgust with Trump, Wisconsin’s disgust with him soars to 70 percent.

That’s what they say about Trump, love him or hate him, statistically you probably hate him.

Colbert is one of the funniest men on TV, luckily for us, he is also part of the 63 percent majority of the country that just really can’t f*cking stand Donald Trump. Joking that Trump’s numbers are only worse than one major candidate ever, the made up Ghonnorea T. Rickets back in 1876, Colbert brings us the only funny side of the orangutang inspired politician: Cartoon Donald Trump, who of course has the HYUUUGEST numbers ever.

Trumps monumental flip-flop-flap-floop-fluppery on abortion, yes, 5 different positions on the issue in just 3 days, has cost him even more female support, but honestly, Colbert’s dig that his only two fans are his wife and daughter show why that may not really affect him. His base isn’t about women, or basically anyone but white males, either rich or currently broke but rich at heart.

None of this, however, even impinges on Trump’s delusions of grandeur, especially not when his twitter feed thanks Wisconsin, just as if he was winning, for his second place numbers. “While this creates the appearance that he is number one, it also creates the appearance that he doesn’t know how numbers work,” joked Colbert. Yep, that is one of those really glaring symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder we just love to see in a presidential hopeful, right?

Enjoy the epically hilarious video here:


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