Stephen Colbert: Super Tuesday Hangover–WTF Did We Do? (VIDEO)

Thirteen states voted on Super Tuesday, which made Wednesday “My God, What Have We Done Wednesday,” according to Stephen Colbert.

The shock that we are feeling right now, perfectly illustrated in Chris Christie’s introduction of the GOP winner, Donald Trump (really, GOP, REAALLLY?!?!) which the interwebs apparently saw as Christie’s single most noteworthy contribution to the 2016 campaign. Christie’s “endorsers remorse” appeared so thick, and so entirely genuine, that Twitter actually decided the poor man was being held hostage. Stephen shows us the absolute excitement with which Christie introduced the party’s clear choice for President — and it honestly appeared to be the most stomach-churning speech ever delivered by a hypocrite in the history of politics.

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Christie has done what the entire GOP did in 2012 (getting behind the “president-shaped” Mitt Romney) but it seems the rest of his party just can’t bring themselves to do it with Trump. By the look on Christie’s face, we don’t blame them at all because apparently kissing the fascist orange’s ass leaves a VERY intensely bad taste in one’s mouth.

Watch Colbert’s hilarious sketch here:


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