Stephen Colbert Mocks The GOP For Releasing ‘The Romney’ On Donald Trump (VIDEO)

Mitt Romney came out and told the actual truth about Donald Trump, too bad that he accepted the endorsement of this same monster while running his own campaign for president. Kinda softens the message and blunts the effectiveness of this apparently panicked and desperate attempt to stop the monstrous Trump from taking advantage of the hateful, mercurial, terrified base the Republican party has built for themselves.

It probably would have helped Romney’s message if the party hadn’t been willing to use the pedantic racist for his fame only a few short years ago. The entirely unfortunate part is that Romney was saying exactly what the Republican voters who are willingly entertaining a fascist as their Commander-in-Chief — a man who is promising the moon, war crimes, a “FREE” yuuuuge wall, and mass deportations that will take 11 million people and relocate them into government custody until they can be thrown out the country. Ok, maybe not the moon.

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When Mitt Romney says that Trump’s promises are as “worthless as a degree from Trump University,” it rings true — but how are GOP voters supposed to take him seriously? He lost his campaign and had even accepted the endorsement of the same monster he is disavowing now, and that may make him an ineffective “saviour” now.

Perhaps the GOP needs to stop using situational ethics as concrete values. Our country is facing a very clear possible future after which people will look back and ask why no one stopped the rise of the next fascist, why we allowed Trump the keys to the kingdom and the codes to activate the nukes. They will ask why no one said anything, why the voters could allow this and liberals will say that they wouldn’t listen to us!

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Conservatives, however, are the boy who cried wolf: they have lied to their own voters for so long, used situational ethics, and tacitly allowed and encouraged racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia, hatred and American Exceptionalism that now they are perfectly willing to end the country as we know it because Trump says “Making America Great Again” means deportations, war crimes, and the destruction of the first amendment. This may even make Trump supporters like him more.

Too little too late, or as Colbert said, Trump supporters now want to “feed” on Mitt Romney’s flesh.

Watch Colbert discuss the “releasing of the Romney” by the GOP to try to stop they monster they created:


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