Stephen Colbert: Donald Trump ‘Unstoppable’ Like Godzilla, With Less Foreign Policy Experience (VIDEO)

Donald Trump. He is what everyone is talking about, mostly the conversation is “how do you stop him?” Well, according to Stephen Colbert we just may need to get used to the idea of a “President Trump” (gross).

Colbert’s sketch covers the media’s treatment of Hillary’s narrow win and Bernie’s loss; as tough win and triumphant defeat respectively. Then, he considers the likelihood that we may be forced to see Trump in the Whitehouse (still gross). Funnily enough, the GOP establishment is as down on Trump’s win as the MSM is about Hillary’s, focusing instead on Marco Rubio’s 2nd place finish, leading Colbert to joke that the GOP primary had “more awards than a little league awards banquet.”

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It seems that we are all still holding on to the idea that the Conservative electorate is suddenly going to grow compassion, conscience, and a brain when they are showing us that, clearly, this is who they want to be when they grow up. They want this racist, xenophobic, misogynist to run our country, and they won’t take Rubio for an answer. This man who was just referred to by Colbert as “Godzilla,” but with less foreign policy experience is the front runner for the GOP, and it looks like he is staying there.

Watch the full clip here, courtesy of YouTube:

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