Stephen Colbert Asks The Important Question: Bern Down For What? (VIDEO)

If Colbert’s audience on the Late Show is any indication, Bernie Sanders, is still wildly popular. Sanders spoke about his “shocking” marijuana use, a whole TWO TIMES, at a rally in Michigan (which he incidentally won), and that led to Colbert asking the really important question: will that not alienate his supporters?

Why are we cheering? WOOOooo! Because he smoked pot? He only smoked TWICE, I don’t think this admission is on brand, uh, for Bernie. You do know who your supporters are? I will tell you this much: they have smoked marijuana twice… since I started this sentence.

Even if he didn’t smoke pot ever in his life, it wouldn’t matter because his ideas for the country are what his supporters love so much.  His platform includes financial reforms to stop yet another depression caused by banks “too big to fail,” a living wage for all Americans, healthcare as a human right, the end of the failed “war on drugs,” and criminal justice reform. Basically, everything the millennials appear to be realizing they are not going to get without a “revolution.”

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His call for the legalization of “Mary Jane” is probably not hurting him in the polls though. Because it is an issue with bipartisan support, it may even be helping him get those elusive independent and even fed-up conservative votes.

Watch Colbert talk about equal distribution of the dutchy, here:


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