Stephen Colbert Actually Gets Bill O’Reilly To Admit Trump Is Exploiting Orlando Shooting (VIDEO)

Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly accidentally let the egotistical, unsympathetic Trump cat out of the bag on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show on Monday night, when he admitted the Republican nominee doesn’t really care about the people of Orlando – but thinks he can use them for political gain.

Colbert asked the Fox host what he thought of Trump’s response to the shooting that left 49 people dead in Orlando on Sunday and O’Reilly said he is exploiting the massacre to become president:

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He wants to be president. He’s using this terrorism issue to bolster his popularity.

The Late Show host seemed a little taken aback that O’Reilly admitted this and said,”So he’s making a political tool out of a terror attack.” O’Reilly responded,”That’s what he’s doing.” Colbert went on to ask if the Fox News host believed Hillary Clinton was doing the same thing and admitted that she is not, saying:

Trump is bringing a robust ‘I’m gonna get these guys’ attitude to the table. Mrs. Clinton is bringing a more nuanced situation. Trump is betting that the country now wants a real avenger. Mrs. Clinton is very tied into the Obama legacy right now because she needs him to campaign. It’s political advantage to Trump on this one. And he wants to be president, so he’s going to use it.

What’s surprising is that O’Reilly said all of that like it was no big deal. He acted like it was completely acceptable for a presidential candidate to use the deaths of 49 people and the injuries of more than 50 others to score political points.

Ironic considering his response to other shootings like the 2011 Tuscon shooting that injured Gabby Giffords and killed several others (including a little girl). On that occasion, O’Reilly flipped out and said the left was “exploiting” the tragedy for political points. And then after the shooting in Oregon, O’Reilly was angry at Obama for “politicizing” the massacre when he spoke about guns laws.

So, it’s not okay for Democrats to discuss guns after a mass shooting, but it’s totally fine for Trump to demonize an entire religion to help him get elected? Apparently, that is exactly what O’Reilly believes; the hypocrisy is breathtaking, isn’t it?


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