Stealing Elections: One Simple Graph Illustrates How The GOP Stole America (IMAGE)

Liberals know the outlandish “issues” conservatives come up with to keep themselves hating everything good about our country. We see the posts, we hear the stupidity, we roll our eyes.

When it comes to the big picture, however, it just doesn’t make sense. Surely there aren’t enough people who dimwitted to actually keep the numbskulls they vote for in office. How many times can they shame the poor, verbally abuse women, disrespect minorities and scream “BENGHAZI!” before the sane people of our nation catch on and vote them out?

The truth can be seen in the latest Presidential election. President Obama won by an electoral landslide.  Surely a party can’t go into an election with 256 electoral votes in its back pocket and still fail to regain the House of Representatives.

Presidential elections work quite a bit different from Congressional elections.  States are broken down by districts, and when the last redistricting came about, Republicans were riding the wave of fear left by 9/11 and campaigning on the War on Terror.

To keep themselves in power they used one of the oldest dirty tricks in the book, but to an extent we’ve never witnessed before:  The gerrymander.

Gerrymandering is when a district is redrawn to encompass a specific block of voters, and this simple Tumblr graphic, which is floating around cyberspace un-credited, explains it best:

liberalsarecool:#gerrymanderVia teabonics-fb


That pretty much sums it up.  If it seems hard to believe that this kind of thing actually happens, take a look at some of these ridiculous gerrymandered districts:


There have been cases where federal judges rule a district violates the Voter’s Rights Act and orders it redrawn, but since the Supreme Court gutted the Act, it seems little will be done to take the power from the corrupt congressmen and give it back to the people.

With gerrymandered districts and a strong push to keep their base full of lies and hate, Republicans will hardly need the billion dollars the Koch Brothers are reportedly ready to spend to buy the White House in 2016.

Democrats have only one choice, and luckily it’s fairly simple:  Get out and vote.  When blue voting percentages are high, Republicans lose.

Featured Image: Tumblr

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