State Senator Actually Compares Teaching Science To Owning Slaves (VIDEO)

In Baton Rouge, Louisiana, a state senator is working very hard to convince his colleagues that not only do “rock circles” prove that Biblical Creationism is true, but that we have indeed found Noah’s Ark on Mt. Ararat. All in the hopes that he can pass unconstitutional laws forcing schools to teach the Bible as science.

Following in the footsteps of mental midgets like Ken Ham, John Milkovich believes that the Ark was already discovered based on a preponderance of iron-clad evidence that has only one flaw — it doesn’t exist. He claimed that recent scientific advancements and evidence support the theory that the Earth was created suddenly less than 10 thousand years ago by God the Almighty (the Christian one).

In an attempt to completely cross over to the Twilight Zone he drew a parallel between the previous constitutionality of owning slaves to the constitutionality of teaching religious doctrine or dogma in a publicly funded school. In other words, he basically said that in some weird upside-down-world reality that owning slaves is the same as teaching secular science to our children.

At one point it was constitutional for people to be owned. Looking back on history, what the courts deemed to be constitutional or unconstitutional is…something that changes.

Whether it was long-term brainwashing and propaganda that damaged his brain, or if he is just very susceptible to bullsh*t is not known yet. However, none of that even matters when the important thing is that our founding fathers protected our children from flim-flam men like this from the very beginning when they separated Church and State.

Oh, yeah, and he believes that teaching evolution makes teens get naked because knowing that one is evolved from lower life forms means that we must act like them, too… not because teens are a hotbed of reproductive hormones.

Watch this pedantic prostelyzer lose his damn mind in front of the entire Louisianna Senate:

Feature image via screen capture

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