State Elections Get A Huge Fundraising Boost Thanks To Hillary Clinton

Anyone who says Hillary Clinton only cares about her campaign needs to take a closer look at her fourth quarter postings. In addition to raising $55 million in three months for her primary and general election contests, Clinton has raised an astounding $18 million for the Democratic Party, which will be spent on multiple campaigns across the country, including swing Senate elections and vulnerable House seats. Clinton, in total, has raised $112 million since her announcement in April.

In comparison, Democratic contenders Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley have raised no money for state elections, but have also not raised the amount of cash Clinton has.

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The University of Virginia Center for Politics shows that Florida, Illinois, Iowa, New Hampshire, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin (all states where Obama won in 2012) are going to be the most contested and vulnerable seats in 2016 – and they are all held by Republicans. That means Democrats, if they come out and vote and organize the right way, could win a majority of these seats, and quite possibly take back the Senate. The most vulnerable Republican is Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, who is being challenged by former Senator Russ Feingold. The second most vulnerable Republican is Senator Mark Kirk of Illinois, who will be challenged by Congresswoman and veteran Tammy Duckworth.

The Hill also lists North Carolina and Missouri (held by Republicans) among the most vulnerable.

Republicans, however, might have an advantage in Nevada, the seat being vacated by Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, as well as Colorado, which is currently held by Michael Bennett.

When it comes to the House, Democrats may or may not fare well (depending how you look at it). Roll Call has Democrats concretely securing 182 of the 188 seats they currently have, thus staying in the minority. Republicans, on the other hand, only concretely hold 221 of the 247 seats they currently have. Realistically, Republicans will keep their majority in the House. But suppose the Democrats win half of the vulnerable Republican seats, 13 at the least, that would give Democrats a huge edge in 2018.

No doubt Hillary Clinton’s fundraising efforts will help the Democratic candidates shake up the Senate elections and quite possibly the House. According to a Reuters poll from December 24, Clinton leads the Democrats with 60 percent compared to Sanders 28 percent.


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