Speaking To Disabled Vets, President Obama Goes After Trump For ‘Trash Talking’ Our Troops (VIDEO)

President Obama spoke at the 2016 Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Convention in Atlanta on Monday and slammed Donald Trump for attacking the military and its members.

As Commander-in-Chief, I’m pretty tired of some folks trash talking America’s military and troops.

The comment came after Donald Trump has spent almost a week trashing an American family who lost their son in Iraq because they had the audacity to endorse Hillary Clinton at the Democratic National Convention. And after more than a year of Trump saying our military is in horrible shape and weak.

The president continued and explained that while the military is smaller than it was while we were engaged in two ground wars, that doesn’t mean it is weak:

Our military is somewhat smaller after two major ground wars come to a close that’s natural and we’re going to keep them doing everything we can do to improve readiness and modernize our forces. But let’s get some facts straight: America’s Army is the best trained, best-equipped land force on the planet. Our Navy is the largest and most lethal in the world. The precision and the reach of our Air Force is unmatched. Our Marines are the world’s only truly expeditionary force. We have the world’s finest Coast Guard. We have the most capable fighting force in history and we’re gonna keep it that way. And no ally or adversary should ever doubt our strength and our resolve.

Donald Trump seems to think he is going to win his way to the White House by disparaging our military and its members. He thinks that veterans should be treated the same way he treats women, Latinos, Muslims, black people and every other group that he doesn’t like — but he is wrong. Those of us who actually love our military, will not stand for his continued insults and neither will our president.

Watch Obama’s comments below:

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