Space Cadet Gary Johnson Declares Space Colonization “The Future Of The Human Race” (VIDEO)

Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate for president, will not be on Monday night’s presidential debate stage. In light of that fact, it is pretty important that we share this tidbit of information that you might miss out on while the other candidates attempt to cover issues. Apparently Johnson believes that space colonies are an election issue.

“We do have to inhabit other planets. The future of the human race is space exploration.”

Yes, it is hard to believe, so here is him actually saying it:

Johnson is well known for saying some pretty intensely disturbing and reality bending things, but the latest topic is definitely not something that will be missed at the debate. Gary Johnson told ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos on “This Week” that the future of the human race is in space colonization (how else do you define “inhabit other planets?”).

Apparently, Earth is a something like a “one-time use planet” to him. He has also previously stated that the Sun will eventually expand to encompass the Earth.

It is not every day that a modern presidential candidate says that this old Earth is just not the future of mankind. It begs the questions: why even bother with the hard problem of climate change when you believe that the future of our race is not bound to this planet, but instead tied to finding other planets to usurp and use up?

Johnson claims that his comments from 2011 saying that the Sun was going to “encompass the Earth” were just jokes during this interview. He seems to be acknowledging that he is talking about a future not hundreds or even thousands or years in our future, but BILLIONS.

“Can’t we have a little humor once in a while? And that is long term. Plate tectonics, at one point Africa and South America separated, and I am talking now about the earth and the fact that we have existed for billions of years and will going forward.”

However, with the magnitude of strange comments coming from him, it really is impossible to tell if he is joking or being serious. Not so bad if you are sitting around smoking a bowl, but definitely not ok when you are vying to be the leader of the free world.

It doesn’t matter, in actuality, that they say that our planet only has about 4 billion years left in its natural habitable lifespan. Because, we aren’t looking at a climate disaster that is 4 billion years away — we kind of need to fix what we can NOW. A man with no plan to keep this Earth healthy has no place at the helm of one of her leading nations.

Seriously, this man’s “plans” are better suited for the SciFi channel than the White House. But he is pretty proud of himself for “offering an alternative,” to the two major party candidates. He rejects the fact that he is a possible spoiler candidate, and may throw the election to Trump despite clearly stating that 65 percent of Americans don’t even know who he is. It seems pretty clear that he can not win the election when not even enough Americans know who he is to vote for him let alone want to.

Perhaps if the third party candidates were a little more sane they would be able to get the requisite amount of support to be on the debate stage, but at this point it is pretty damn fortunate he isn’t. Trump as a serious candidate is already doing enough damage to the world’s opinions of us.

Here is the whole interview:

Featured image via screen capture

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