Sorry, Haters: Clinton’s ‘Leaked’ Goldman Sachs Transcript Is Actually Satire

The media and the Democratic Party have been abuzz recently regarding Hillary Clinton’s paid speeches to financial conglomerate Goldman Sachs. Republicans and Democrats (albeit the more liberal branch of the Democratic Party) alike have been calling on Clinton to release the transcripts of her speeches, some of which she made as much as $650,000 from. Clinton has refused, saying an unfair standard is being applied to her and only her. Several videos of her speeches have leaked but have been disappointing to those hoping for a “smoking gun” scenario. Her speeches, so far, have been about empowering women in the workforce, an issue Clinton has dedicated her life’s work to.

In the last several weeks, there have been reports of a “leaked transcript” of Clinton’s address to Goldman Sachs from June 2013 in which she lauds the financial conglomerate for their ability to give “the little people” schooling, jobs, food and education. Of course, progressives were fuming when they first heard this. Here’s the  supposed “transcript” that was leaked:

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HILLARY CLINTON: Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you very much, Lloyd [Blankfein], and thanks to everyone at Goldman Sachs for welcoming me today. I’m delighted to be back among friends, colleagues, collaborators, supporters, kindred spirits…

Let me jump right in. You know, over the past few months, there have been popular concerns about an economy that still isn’t delivering for the majority of Americans. It’s not “delivering” the way that they feel it should, that they feel entitled to. Most Americans that you speak to, speak a populist rhetoric that claims it is stacked for those at the top, that those of you here have it too good.


But we know the hopes that the little people have for their future — things like school, job, food, clothing on their backs– all of those little things would not be possible without your leadership and innovation.

According to Snopes, this is a big fat lie! There is no “leaked” transcript, and this “transcript” that has been circulating the internet was actually written as satire. And as we all now, gullible readers tend to pass on satire as if it were real. The websites in question that first published it were  BSNews, CounterPunchand Dissident Voice (the title of the first website should say it all) and several of them did indeed publish the story under ‘satire.’ But that hasn’t stopped the powers of social media from passing it around as if it were true.

So no, Clinton did not lend empathetic support to the mega-rich. No, Clinton did not denounce progressive talking points about wealth inequality. No, Clinton did not give praise to Goldman Sachs for giving people jobs, food and housing.

Here’s what we do know: so far her speeches have been about empowering women and their families in the workforce, Republicans are hypocritically saying she has ties to Wall Street when they’re literally the party of Wall Street and she’s the only candidate being asked to “release” something when no one else is.

Another lie about Hillary Clinton has gone down in flames.

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