Something Seems…Different…About This Painting Of Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal

Inside every Republican of any color darker than “ivory” is a terrified white man practically screaming and clawing his way out of his skin. A perfect example of such can be found hanging in the office of Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal.

Republicans love to tout Jindal as evidence that the party of white men is anything but the party of white men. He, like Mia Love, serves as a reminder to white-wingers that the party is completely accepting of people of color — if they support the same Christofascist, oppressive causes popular with conservatives, that is.

Unfortunately, when it comes to actual skin color, “white is right.” As revealed by blogger Lamar White, who broke the story about House whip Steve Scalise’s affiliation with a white supremacist group, a painting that hangs in Jindal’s office depicts him as Republicans view him: a strong, conservative white man:

2-4-2015 2-24-54 PM

Twitter user Logan Smith posted a side-by-side comparison of Bobby Jindal and his Caucasian clone depicted in the painting:

2-4-2015 2-25-45 PM

“The good news: The artist got the crooked smile right. The bad: The dude in the portrait looks like what would happen if Sen. Paul Ryan and a loaf of wonderbread had a baby,” wrote Addicting Info’s Jameson Parker.

Parker pointed out that White was incorrect in his assertion that this particular painting is Jindal’s “official” portrait. While both hang in the Governor’s office, the official one depicts the Governor as a white man who just spent a week on the beach without applying suntan lotion:


Parker notes that “A study done by the University of Rochester in 2013 found that Louisiana and its neighboring states of Mississippi and Texas had the highest concentrations of racist attitudes in the country.”

This is clearly evident in the artist’s decision to depict Jindal, whose parents immigrated from India, as a cartoonish-looking white man rather than provide a more accurate representation of the Governor.

Twitter, of course, is having a lot of fun with Bobby Jindal’s newfound whiteness:

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Will Bobby Jindal’s newfound whiteness help him clinch the 2016 GOP nomination? Only time will tell.

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