Someone Figured Out How Trump Looks Without His Orange Tan And It’s Nightmare Fuel (PHOTOS)


Buzzfeed’s Jen Lewis just busted right into all of our nightmares and created the scariest Photoshop image ever made.

Photoshopping Donald Trump’s fake orange spray tan, the “orang-u-tan,” away leaves him not only looking like that pale useless fleshy part of an orange below the peel and above the fruit: it makes him even MORE disgusting to look at than before – and sillier. And while looks shouldn’t disqualify someone from being president (his racism should!), this is just too hilarious to ignore.

Illustrating the sharp difference between the political farce's skin color around his eyes and face

Illustrating the sharp difference between the political farce’s skin color around his eyes and face.

“Pasty” just doesn’t cover it, but you would think that with all the money Donald Trump has, there would be a way for him to afford a tan that doesn’t really resemble the Cheeto-crust left on your fingers after a munchies fueled chip-bag-ravaging. “Doughy” might, but I have never seen a pile of dough that made me want to vomit before.

Well, you can't un-see that.

Well, you can’t un-see that. Looks more like a Drumpf then a Trump.

We must applaud the intrepid explorer who put herself in harms way, because seeing this can’t be as disturbing as actually being the one to unearth it! Removing the tan basically makes him look like every bad Hollywood Neo-Nazi caricature, ever.

for comparison

For comparison, you can see the color is truly matching.

Not only is this flim-flam man not qualified to be president, his family changed his last name from Drumpf to Trump for marketability and Donald chose to impersonate a orange-dream milk-shake for the same reason.

Hop over to Buzzfeed to check out the full “Pale Trump” process.

Feature image via screen capture from Buzzfeed

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