Someone Edited The NRA’s Latest Nutball Video Ad, And It Is PURE GENIUS

The NRA’s top spokeswoman, Dana Loesch, has lately become their overly melodramatic voice against everyone and everything that stands against Donald Trump. These video ads have received heavy criticism as possibly inciting violence, but the NRA, for as batsh*t as they have become, doesn’t care. They also don’t care about hypocrisy or accuracy, either.

Others do, though. A Twitter account known as “Shadow Cabinet” took the NRA’s latest video and edited it so that it’s closer to the truth. This is the original video:

And here’s the edited one that’s much closer to the truth:

What the right-wingers like Loesch, and really, anyone who thinks Trump is getting unprecedented, horrific treatment forget is that Obama got much worse treatment during his eight years in office. That included eight years of calling him a Kenyan-born Muslim socialist communist dictatorial traitor who was selling us out to ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood, and every enemy we have with zero evidence other than he wasn’t declaring war on every single country on the planet. To say nothing of the ongoing racist attacks against his wife and daughters. He was even accused of being secretly gay and secretly married to a man. Unlike Trump, though, he didn’t speak demonstrable lies every time he opened his mouth.

This is just GOLD.

Featured image via video screen capture

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