So, Kansas Senate Has A New Dress Code For Women . . .Seriously

Okay, so of course, it’s not quite as extreme as requiring women to be covered head to toe — but a Kansas Senate committee does have a new dress code that specifically targets women. Sen. Mitch Holmes, a Republican, of course, is the chairman of the Senate Ethics and Elections Committee. He’s taken a brief break from attempting to save Kansas from abortions, porn and the gays to go after women’s fashion sense. He has implemented an 11-point code of conduct which includes “Rule No. 2” to ensure all participants are in respectful attire.

For ladies,” the rule says, “low-cut necklines and mini-skirts are inappropriate.

While the conservative senator says men need to “dress professionally” he says women have dressed provocatively and revealing “too much of the body during testimony to the Senate committee is a distraction” according to The Topeka Capital-Journal. The rule doesn’t give specific length requirements for necklines or skirts.

It’s one of those things that’s hard to define,” Holmes said. “Put it out there and let people know we’re really looking for you to be addressing the issue rather than trying to distract or bring eyes to yourself.

It is reported that Holmes considered making specific requirements of a suit and tie for men, but “decided males didn’t need supplemental instruction on how to look professional.”

Yeah, that’s not at all insulting.

This dress code is receiving well-deserved backlash from Democratic and Republican female lawmakers alike, who not only feel it is unfairly targeting women but also may discourage some from coming to the Capitol and letting their voice be heard on issues.

Sen. Laura Kelly, a Democrat from Topeka said:

Oh, for crying out loud, what century is this?

Republican Senator Vicki Schmidt who is also from Topeka asked,“Who’s going to define low-cut? Does it apply to senators?”

And, Republican Sen. Carolyn McGinn said, “I am more interested in what they have to say about the direction our state should go than what they’re wearing that day.”

Imagine that, someone being more interested in a woman’s thoughts than what is on a woman’s body. Perhaps Senator Mitch Holmes should take some notes from his female colleagues.

You know, it really is quite perplexing that the conservatives have trembled in fear that Obama would bring Sharia Law to the United States (you know, because he’s a Muslim Dictator – I kid! I kid!) yet, they hold extremely similar (like twilight zone similar) rules for women that are rooted deep in misogyny.

Nice, Kansas. Stay classy.

P.S. “Falling prices” on burkas coming soon to a Walmart in Kansas.

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