Snowflake Trump Makes His Staff Create A Daily Newsletter

A couple of weeks ago, Donald Trump held his first cabinet meeting. They might have discussed policy or the goals of the floundering administration, but what the world saw was like something straight out of North Korea. Trump went around the room and each cabinet member heaped fawning praise on Dear Leader.

It turns out that was far from an isolated incident. Trump’s White House has a daily newsletter and its one and only purpose is to appease Dear Leader’s fragile snowflake ego.

There is already a White House newsletter called “1600 Daily” after the White House address of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. It’s already an upbeat, full of pictures and general public relations (and yes, propaganda) stories, online newsletter that’s available to the general public.

West Wing Reads, though, is different. It wasn’t written by staff. Instead, it’s a compilation of stories from the web — mostly from right-wing sources such as Breitbart and Fox — that are flattering to Trump.

On Thursday, for example, a Forbes contributor argued the Congressional Budget Office was wrong in calculating that 22 million people would lose health insurance under Trumpcare. According to them, no one would lose insurance.

Reality check! An analysis by Forbes contributor Josh Archambault reveals surprising flaws in the CBO’s score of the Senate healthcare bill, which concludes 22 million more Americans will be without health coverage by 2026. As Archambault points out, the CBO score is based on an old, inaccurate 2016 CBO estimate of how many Americans will purchase Obamacare. If you use their January 2017 update, Republican legislation to repeal and replace Obamacare would result in only 2 million fewer on the individual market by 2026, and would actually result in no losses and even some gains in enrollment in the years preceding, Archambault estimates.
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On Tuesday, the newsletter even quoted CNN, who Trump normally calls “fake news,” because they had a positive write-up about his Supreme Court justice, Neil Gorsuch.

And they like to say that President Obama was arrogant.

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