SNL Did A Trump Supporter Skit So Hilariously Idiotic It’s Almost Like The Real Thing (VIDEO)

In case you’ve been living under a rock, there’s this guy running for president named Donald Trump. He’s a bombastic, boneheaded blowhard with zero real leadership experience other than mediocre business skills that more often than not land his ventures out on the curb for trash day or in bankruptcy court. He’s campaigning on a platform of pure hate and ignorance. His foreign policy ideas mostly resemble those of Genghis Khan. His supporters could be called low-hanging fruit if it weren’t such an insult to low-hanging fruit.

Those supporters are perhaps the least informed people America has to offer. Since Trump uses vocabulary most recognizable to fourth graders, it’s safe to say the people who show up to cheer on the stupidity don’t exactly qualify for their local brain trust. They are there for $20 hats made in China, $8 cans of Bud Light and funnel cakes that bear a remarkable resemblance to their candidate’s hair.

In other words, Trump supporters are ridiculous human beings who derive their information from fringe-right radio and TV shows, blog posts by Chuck Norris and Scott Baio and the ever-incompetent Fox News. Either that or they really liked the apprentice and agree that his daughter is attractive enough to date her own father.

Perfectly reasonable, right? Wrong. This fiasco isn’t just enough to discourage the aliens to postpone their visit, it has most likely sent them back to their home world hoping the rubber ducky comet will get knocked off course and slam down on Fifth Avenue.

Saturday Night Live, which has had an epic season of nailing the political climate of the country, has done it again, this time with a cold open interview with a Trump supporter so ridiculous it’s almost realistic:

Featured image via screen capture

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