Sleazeball Pro-Fetus CO Gubernatorial Candidate ‘Converts’ To Pro-Choice

Misrepresenting your position on important issues for the sake of duping women into voting for you is LYING

Bob Beauprez, a former Colorado Congressman from the 7th district, is running the be the next governor of CO. On Oct. 22, he went on the record with Colorado Public Radio and stated that as Governor, while he personally is adamantly against abortion is not against a woman’s right to choose. Beauprez also stated:

I think women ought to have the choice of whether to use birth control or not. I think women ought to have the choice of what type of birth control to use. I just don’t think taxpayers need to be paying for it.

While that sounds fair, except the part about cutting birth control from state medicaid programs, the gubernatorial candidate leaves some severely anti-choice past in his wake during his time as a US Representative.

Take his Colorado Right to Life litmus test he answered in 2006:

Bob Beauprez

Bob Beauprez Right to Life litmus test (2006)
Colorado Pols

Beauprez’s record, compared with saying he would respect a woman’s ‘right to choose’, does not add up.

In 2003, Beauprez was given a 100 percent rating by the Christian Coalition (founded in 1989 by Dr. Pat Robertson), meaning he had ALWAYS voted against women’s reproductive rights and remained in line with other religious issues as well. Respectively, that same year, he was given a 0 percent rating by NARAL Pro-Choice America indicating a strong opposition to any women’s choice measures during his time as a congressman.

In 2005, Beauprez co-sponsored the controversial Right to Life Bill (H.R. 552), a measure he’s been trying to distance himself from. It seems as though Beauprez suddenly realized that in order to win the extremely tight race he is facing against Democratic Governor re-elect, John Hickenlooper, he needs to find a group to secure a few more votes.

Ladies! Finally looking at you— even though women’s reproductive rights receives zero mention under the “stances” section of his website. The only time the term ‘right to choose’ is mentioned is in reference to privatizing healthcare. Which gives him wiggle-room to flip-flop on the issue.

Even as recently as 2013, Beauprez was still influencing opinion on the matter of abortion, saying in a column on

Consider for a moment, however, that the consequences of Roe [v. Wade] are deeply into the second generation.  About 30 million of those aborted children would by now be of child bearing age themselves.  New families would have been created resulting in an additional 20 million or more children based on normal demographic statistics.

So, in just a macro-population sense, the forty years since Roe v. Wade has eliminated a population roughly the size of California, New York, and Florida combined from American society.

Hearing Beauprez bumble on about being a pro-choice leader is definitely looking like a vast exaggeration given his record.

Aside from his poor record for women’s reproductive rights, Beauprez is also a Benghazi nut, wants to impose tougher regulations on the issue of marijuana in his state, is against restricting firearms and will repeal a measure which tightened restrictions on firearms that was signed by Gov. Hickenlooper, as well as wanting to dissolve Common Core curriculum and give teachers more “flexibility” in what they are allowed to teach (undoubtedly trying to pave a path for creationism).

H/T: Mother Jones Photo: Facebook

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