Sith Lord Ted Cruz Spoils New Star Wars Film By Giving Away Big Surprise (No Spoilers Here)

Proving yet again that he really has no filter nor heart, Ted Cruz spilled some beans during a presser before a South Carolina rally on Sunday. Stating that he had not seen the Democratic debate on Saturday night because he’d gone to see Star Wars: The Force Awaken, he said that he couldn’t comment on anything said about him during the debate. Cruz isn’t reticent to share his pop culture passions, but he went too far this time.

Speaking to reporters, he mentioned that he’d gone to see the film. That was it until someone asked what he thought of it. Here’s his redacted reply:

I actually went and watched the opening of ‘Star Wars,’ which, frankly, was a reality far more realistic than whatever was said at the Democratic debate… (the movie) was awesome, although I have to say, there’s an image — and I’m not going to be a spoiler — but as someone who grew up, as someone who stood with his dad for three hours to see the opening of ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ [redacted]… I’m not going to spoil what it is, but it was highly traumatic.

The redacted bit, which can be seen on the Washington Post’s website, didn’t explicitly give away the (very big) spoiler. But it is easily extrapolated from what Cruz did say. And it’s not like he accidentally mentioned it; he spoke at length about it. Big time fail.

The Internet has rules about this sort of thing. There are people on Facebook who will unfriend someone who posts spoilers, and rightly so. Especially with something as eagerly anticipated as Star Wars: TFA. Yes, a lot of us Star Wars geeks have seen it already (midnight Thursday, for me), but many people want to wait until the lines recede and the hype dies down a bit (good luck with that).

Entertainment Weekly published rules about relating spoilers a couple of years ago. These seem to be generally accepted by most entertainment consumers. There are different rules for different media. For TV rules, it depends on the regularity of the show. For instance, a 24-hour period for weekly shows like Fargo or American Horror Story. But movies are different, particularly blockbusters like Star Wars: TFA:

Anything that happens in the first half-hour in a movie is not a spoiler… For major movie releases, everything after the first half hour should be clearly marked with a SPOILER ALERT until two Mondays after their release. That gives moviegoers two weekends to see the films.

That seems fair. The general rule on any spoiler is “don’t be a d-bag.” Since Ted Cruz is one, I guess he thinks that the rules don’t apply to him.

Because of social media, it’s hard to avoid spoilers. Sometimes, it’s on Twitter — Michael Sam caught holy hell for Tweeting out the biggest spoiler of all hours after the film opened (warning: the spoiler is explicit there!) — sometimes on Reddit or Tumblr or Facebook. It’s hard to avoid them if you spend a lot of time buried on social media. Because there are always d-bags who love ruining things for others. They’re just jerks from the Dark Side waiting for the opportunity to strike a blow against fairness and courtesy. And Ted Cruz is their current Sith Lord.

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