Silicon Valley DECLARES WAR On Trump’s Muslim Ban In Federal Court (VIDEO)

In less than three weeks on the job, it now seems that Donald Trump’s administration has made a very powerful new enemy: Silicon Valley.

Following Trump’s executive order calling for a ban on all people traveling from seven predominantly Muslim countries, millions of Americans and citizens around the world expressed their swift condemnation. Some have even taken to streets across the U.S. to give voice to their opposition and show solidarity with the Muslims unfairly targeted by Trump’s unconstitutional order. One of the most obscene aspects of Trump’s order was the inclusion of green card and visa holders who had to endure various long, arduous legal processes to obtain their legal status.

On Sunday night, technology giants Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Twitter, Netflix, Uber and dozens of other companies filed a joint legal brief in opposition to the administration’s widely maligned entry ban. In total, 97 technology companies are willing to take Trump to court over this issue.

This move may represent an unprecedented coordinated legal effort by, in some cases, technology firms in direct competition with each other against any administration. An Amicus brief was filed with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit. The brief was filed ahead of a widely anticipated ruling by an appellate court concerning the administration’s appeal of a temporary restraining order on the Muslim ban issued by a federal judge in Seattle.

Silicon Valley values immigration as a vital part of its ability to innovate and share new ideas. According to the Washinton Post other “companies backing the filing also include Lyft, Pinterest, Yelp, Square, Reddit, Kickstarter, Github, Glassdoor, Box, Mozilla, Dropbox, Twilio, Zynga, Medium, Pinterest, and Salesforce, according to the sources, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the filing was still being finalized Sunday.”

“The Order represents a significant departure from the principles of fairness and predictability that have governed the immigration system of the United States for more than fifty years …,” the brief said. “The Order makes it more difficult and expensive for U.S. companies to recruit, hire, and retain some of the world’s best employees. It disrupts ongoing business operations. And it threatens companies’ ability to attract talent, business, and investment to the United States.”

One name notably missing from the brief is the tech giant Amazon who’s founder Jeffrey P. Bezos, expressed support of Washington state’s lawsuit against the order. On Monday, an Amazon spokesperson said that the company decided not to join the amicus since it is a witness in the Washington state suit.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Trump loyalists showed some backbone and supported the president by boycotting every company named in the brief? Come on guys, we’re counting you.

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