Sick, Twisted Sandy Hook ‘Truthers’ Turn NFL’s Beautiful Paris Tribute Into A Joke (SCREENSHOTS)

When Fox News reported that the NFL planned to hold a league-wide moment of silence to honor the victims of the bloody terrorist attacks in Paris this week, which left more than 120 dead and 200 injured, it probably seemed like a nice gesture to most — a moment of solidarity with one of our allies, whose people are hurting. But Fox made the mistake of mentioning to the monsters it helped create, that this was the first such moment of silence since Adam Lanza’s one-man war on schoolchildren at Sandy Hook, so (of course) things just got embarrassing.

On Saturday, NFL spokesman Greg Aiello announced that Commissioner Goodell has asked teams to hold pre-game moments of silence for the victims of the attack and their families:


Seems nice, right? “The NFL has not held a league-wide moment of silence since December 2012, following the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT, in which 20 children were killed,” Fox added as a footnote at the end of the story. The aforementioned moments of silence across the NFL were quite beautiful, but to conservatives they are a reminder of a tragedy that never was —  the real tragedy is “gun control,” after all.

When Fox posted these details on their Facebook page as a reminder of how rare it is for the NFL to honor anyone league-wide, our frenemies on the right went downright insane at the thought of honoring the families of the dead at Sandy Hook:

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Unfortunately, the truth is that conservatives don’t care about the victims of the attacks in Paris. To those on the right, they represent “proof” that all Muslims everywhere are evil — that even the majority, who denounce these horrific acts by a small percentage of the population (including Iran’s leadership) want to destroy everyone who doesn’t worship as they do. In short, our nation’s religious extremists (like ISIS) have chosen to take the stance that all who do not believe as they do should be destroyed. To them, Friday’s attacks are a convenient talking point that allows them to continue openly hating Muslims, nothing more.

Even worse, those on the right, who have decided Sandy Hook never happened, came out to play just in time to remind us of everything that is wrong with America. As they focus so much energy pretending every tragedy is orchestrated by the Left to push gun control and a plethora of other “agendas,” it is almost impossible for them to believe anything is what it is — that a loss of life is simply that, and that the rest of us just want to honor the dead and prevent similar occurrences in the future.

What the NFL is doing is beautiful. It’s honorable. Unfortunately, even this is haunted by the ghost of Sandy Hook, and conservatives’ continued and adamant denial of its legitimacy.

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