Shut Up About Sanders Or Clinton’s Support By War Hawks —It’s Trump They Really Want

The military industrial complex wants nothing more than to control the next president. The way PACs, Super PACs and corporations spend their campaign cash is on a candidate they think is the most likely to win. That’s easy on the Democratic side, there are only two candidates left. On the Republican side there have been tons with no real viable front-runner.

That said, make no mistake about it, the military wants Donald Trump to be the president of the United States. So many people are spending time fighting back and forth about Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders and the difference in their money from the military/defense industries. They’re wasting valuable time with those debates instead of talking about the wars that Donald Trump wants to get us into that would make the military industrial complex a boatload of cash.

According to a new survey of U.S. military servicemembers, there’s one man they want for president: Donald Trump. Trump has a hard line when it comes to defense. He wants to go after everyone. He’s willing to send in ground troops to Syria. He’s willing to go to war with Iran. He would force the U.S. Military to commit war crimes. In last week’s debate he said he would “maybe” drop a nuclear bomb on the Middle East and wouldn’t rule out dropping one on Europe if the moment presented itself.

This is why it’s so absurd that you see articles like the one in Politico today asserting that the military loves both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. The right loves to stir the liberals up using dubious information. Sure, Democrats have received more money from defense contractors than Republican front-runner Donald Trump. That is because Trump is self-funding his campaign. He doesn’t need money from anyone. Of course, he’s received less.

Clinton, for example, has received more money than any other candidate, Democrat or Republican, “from employees tied to the 50 largest contractors with the Department of Defense — at least $454,994 in campaign funds over a 14-month period ending in February.”


Sanders has received a pretty hefty sum from the US Army, US Navy, US Air Force and US government. If you notice, his funds are primarily under $100,000 and Clinton’s are all over $1 million.

Bernie Sanders

However, the US Army, Navy, Air Force and the US Government can’t donate campaign money. When you see this list showing these industries it’s a little disingenuous. It files them under “contributor” except that isn’t who technically contributed. Instead, those are employees of that industry who have contributed.

According to Wikipedia, there are 1,477,896 active and 1,458,500 reserve personnel in the US Armed Forces. As of March’s filing deadline the Sanders campaign has over 2 million donors. Out of over two million people, many are bound to be employed by the armed forces. Getting donations from soldiers is an honorable thing. They aren’t paid enough and their jobs are tough, so the fact that they invest time or money in any campaign is amazing. In 2012, President Obama raised more money from service members than Mitt Romney did. That’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Clinton is getting more money from defense contractors than Sanders, but that isn’t necessarily because she’s more of a war hawk – though some would say that. Clinton is getting more money because she’s presumed to be the Democratic nominee. While there are many arguments to be made that Sanders is absolutely still very much in this race and still viable, the industries are assuming Clinton is the nominee and they are giving donations accordingly.

As I’m sure most of you have seen, fights have broken out all over social media on the Hillary/Bernie battle. I see more friends yelling at each other, more conspiracy theories about fake trolls and fights over the definition of feminism. I’m sick of this election as I’m sure so many of you are. But more than anything I’m sick of people making things up and trying to seem holier than thou on their fact-finding high horse. It’s brought out the ugliest parts of people and made me hate everyone.

Donald Trump wants to send us to war with every country he hates. If someone blinks wrong he’s ready to drop a nuclear bomb. Let’s keep our eye on the ball.

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