Show This Video To A Right Winger Who Calls Obama ‘Soft’ On ISIS And Watch His Head Explode (VIDEO)

The only thing more inflated than the hype over ISIS was the hype over Ebola. Remember Ebola? right before the 2014 elections, Ebola was coming and we were all doomed. Obama had personally allowed people into the country with Ebola to kill us all while members of the Muslim Brotherhood spent the summer in the Lincoln bedroom. If you listen to a Republican, they’ll all tell you the same thing: Obama has failed on ISIS.

When the president brings it up, he waves it off and makes a joke. Reminds everyone that we’re the number one military in the world many times over and that ISIS is being dealt with. This video, produced by NBC news, highlights some of the statistics that show that President Obama’s surgical strike war from thousands of miles away is having a much more profound effect than hundreds of thousands of boots on the ground surrounded by quadruple-funded private contractors to do their jobs for them:

Some of the most powerful statistics lie with recruitment. ISIS was a hot ticket a few years ago. They were recruiting youngsters from across the globe. Raping and murdering the young girls who joined up didn’t go over so well. Add to that the likelihood of being killed in a drone strike for standing too close to a high-value target and before you know it there aren’t as many lunatics in the world. According to the video, recruitment is down a staggering 80 percent. More than $800 million in cash reserves used to pay fighters has been destroyed. Things aren’t looking good for ISIS.

That doesn’t matter to Republicans, who will continue to push their BS lines that if you don’t elect an idiot to “keep you safe,” ISIS will come across the Mexican border dressed like a Syrian refugee and after Obama shows up to personally add him to the food stamp rolls, he will surely make his way to the nearest Cirlcle K to kill you and your family.

It truly is just ridiculous.

Featured image via screen capture

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