SHOCKING: Unearthed Tweet PROVES Wikileaks Had Clear Incentive To Support Trump During Election

Why has Wikileaks seemed so keen on helping elect Donald Trump? It’s possible they saw it as a quid pro quo arrangement. And a recently rediscovered Trump tweet from 2013 shows they might not be wrong.

Just a few years ago, Trump like many Republicans absolutely hated Wikileaks for what he saw as illegal hacking that put American interests at risk. Flash forward three years, and Republicans now love Wikileaks because the illegal hacking was done in the service of hurting Hillary Clinton’s election chances and the only downside was allowing a foreign government to interfere with an American presidential election.

What is less clear is why Wikileaks wanted to help Republicans, a political party with a legacy of warmongering and corruption that appears, on its face, to be against everything the “transparency” organization stands for.

One answer comes in the form of a 2013 Trump tweet. At the time, Trump had been relentlessly calling for Wikileaks source Edward Snowden to be murdered for treason.

But knowing that Donald Trump is a narcissist presents a unique opportunity. Simple flattery would cause Trump to completely reverse course. And Trump even gave Wikileaks the roadmap to getting into his good graces: Help him destroy Democrats and all would be forgiven. That’s a pretty clear incentive.

Three years later and the target wasn’t outgoing president Barack Obama, but potential incoming president Hillary Clinton. And while in 2013, Trump was just a reality tv host and Twitter crank, by 2016 he was the Republican candidate for president. If he won, Wikileaks could escape punishment. (And perhaps even more importantly, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange could be confident he wouldn’t be extradited for trial in the United States, which would allow him to more freely escape his pending rape charges.) Assange ally Edward Snowden might also benefit now that Trump became a “major fan” of Wikileaks.

This isn’t mere speculation any more. Trump is openly praising Wikileaks and Assange. The fact that the organization illegally obtained these hacked emails (likely at the behest of Russia) is fine with the President-elect because he personally benefited. The thing about narcissists is that they aren’t particularly hard to manipulate because their ego drives every decision they make. Everything went according to plan.

Trump is now siding with Assange over his own intelligence agencies simply because he sees them as supporting him. Easy.

Trump has repeatedly demonstrated that he is willing to put his own ego ahead of the country’s interests. Wikileaks, knowing that, appears to only benefit from Trump in the White House. And those two facts are some pretty strong incentives to team up.

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