Shocking Fox Confession: ‘We’re Letting Trump Get Away With Anything’ (VIDEO)

A moment of sanity came over the Fox studios when host of The Five, Greg Gutfeld, called out his own network for going too easy on Donald Trump. In what likely caused producers’ jaws to drop, Gutfeld noted that they handle Trump with kid gloves while being too hard on Obama.

The issue was Trump’s latest really offensive moment of mocking a reporter who had a disability. According to Mediaite:

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He decided to be the one to tell Trump to knock it off ‘because clearly nobody else will.’ He said if President Obama mocked someone in that same way, ‘we would have the pitchforks.’

His co-host went on to defend Trump, but Gutfeld held firm, saying:

Eric Bolling attempted to defend Trump, saying it’s possible he didn’t know the reporter was disabled. He suggested that Trump’s being held to an unreasonable standard.

Gutfeld shot back that’s clearly not true when ‘we’re letting him get away with anything.’

Kimberly Guilfoyle also hedged, saying it’s wrong for anyone to mock disabled people, but not definitively judging whether Trump did what. Gutfeld asked her point-blank if she would show the same hesitance and ‘self-restraint’ if it was a Democrat.

While Fox does have an occasional token Democrat, Gutfeld, who calls himself a libertarian comedian, is not that. Here are just a few of his quotes, which the right-wing blog, Townhall, thinks are great:

Liberalism is the one-way ticket to backslapping approval among the cool kids, which makes it about as rebellious as a divorced dad getting an earring from the local mall’s Piercing Pagoda.

You know you’re getting close to the truth when someone is calling you a racist.

The moment People of Color stop thinking about color, the cool racist loses his clout. And their radical agenda is dead — which is why they must perpetuate the hate.

The media is Obama’s scandal condom.

In other words, he’s far from a liberal and far from a nice person, but even he is calling for Fox to tone down the Trump worship.

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