SHOCKER: Only 1 PERCENT Of Fox News Viewers Are Black

Fox News is not exactly reputed for addressing (or caring) about the concerns of African-Americans, so it is rather unsurprising that only a small percentage of the entertainment company masquerading as a news station’s audience is black, according to Neilsen’s annual glimpse into the racial breakdown of cable news viewers.

Mediaite reports that:

During the primetime hours of 8-11 p.m., MSNBC’s audience is 24% black, CNN’s audience is 16% black and Fox News’ audience is just 1% black. By comparison MSNBC’s primetime audience is67% white while CNN’s is 73% white and Fox News’ is 92% white.

via Neilsen

via Neilsen

Mediaite points out that:

According to the 2010 census, 72% of Americans identify as “white alone” while 13% say they are “black or African-American.” That means that both CNN and MSNBC are overrepresented when it comes to black viewers, while Fox News is vastly underrepresented.

Using November 2014 as an example, Fox News averaged 2.082M total viewers in primetime, compared to 653K for CNN and 605K for CNN. That means that Fox had an average of about 20,820 African-Americans watching on a nightly basis. For CNN, that number was approximately 104,480 and for MSNBC it was 145,200. So even with an audience that more than doubles its competitors, Fox had far fewer black viewers than the other two networks.

In a January report, Mediaite pointed out that African-Americans have been perhaps the most engaged of all viewers across another important issues — including abortion rights, the Paula Deen racism scandal, the Voting Rights Act ruling, and the Zimmerman trial.

Fox News is an embarrassment to the title of “news station.” A 2011 poll found that those who watch Fox News are less informed than Daily Show viewers, or even people who watch no news at all. In 2003, Fox actually sued to protect its right to lie and distort the news.

As African-Americans have been shown to pay more attention to important issues, it is unsurprising that they would shy away from Fox: the King of Lies.

Fact checking site Punditfact discovered that Fox tells the truth just 18 percent of the time — and only 8 percent was rated “True,” The other ten percent was rated “mostly true,” indicating that the facts had been skewed.

CNN was found to be honest 60 percent of the time, with only about 18 percent of comments declared “false.” MSNBC was deemed honest 31 percent of the time, with 48 percent of fact checked comments deemed “untrue.”

This is a distressing indictment of American news in general, but the absolute bottom of the barrel is Fox News.

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