‘She’s A Wonderful Human Being’: Trump On Hillary Clinton Back In 1999 (VIDEO)

When Donald Trump uses Bill Clinton’s sexual indiscretions against Hillary in the debate Sunday night, it will be a complete 360 from what he used to say about them. I guess that’s fine with Trump, though, as his need to strike back after the weekend meltdown surrounding him far exceeds his past loyalties. Attacking a former friend is par for the course for him.

Back in 1999, Trump did an interview with Wolf Blitzer on CNN’s Late Edition. Blitzer read from Trump’s book, The Art Of The Comeback what Trump wrote of Mrs. Clinton, “She’s a wonderful woman who has handled pressure incredibly well.” Trump echoed his book, answering:

“I think she’s gone through terrible times. I think she’s been through more than any woman should have to bear — everything public. I mean, women go through this on a private basis and can’t take it, she’s on the front page of every newspaper every week with what went on in Washington.”

Times sure have changed. Back then, Trump admired Hillary, as many of us did and still do. Now, he uses that chapter in her life to smear her. At a campaign rally in May he said (to approving crowds):

“She’s been the total enabler. She would go after these women and destroy their lives. She was an unbelievably nasty, mean enabler, and what she did to a lot of those women is disgraceful.”

In light of the tape of Trump’s vile comments about his assumed rich-white-man privilege with women, he is certainly not the one to be throwing stones at Bill Clinton. Last time I checked, consensual sex was okay. Rape charges? Nothing has ever been proven, and the former President has never been charged.

Trump, on the other hand, has admitted to sexual assault. He has a lawsuit pending for the alleged rape of a 13-year-old girl. He cheated on his first wife with his second wife, then cheated on her with his third wife. Women are coming forward with reports of Trump sexually assaulting them. This is not a man who should be talking about another man’s sex life.

Once upon a time, Donald Trump sympathized with Hillary Clinton and the “tough life” she had in the late 1990s. He called the man who caused a great deal of that strife, Ken Starr, a “total wacko.” I wonder if Trump will ever realize that he has become the new Ken Starr?

Here’s the clip from CNN:

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