Shamelessly Partisan, Lying Republican Congressman CAN Be Beat…And By A Veteran

With so many pieces of human excrement running around in Congress, it might seem next to impossible to narrow down the biggest piece of them all. I mean, Reps. King and Gohmert are perennial contenders, but all honors go to Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA).

For those who may not remember (so many scumbags, so little time), Rep. Issa is the honorable public servant who led a complete and utter sham of an investigation in Benghazi. Issa would later confirm our worst fears; that the investigation was purely to hurt Hillary in the polls. And just in case you thought this darling of a selfless public servant wasn’t already a scumbag, Issa has made multiple appearances on CREW’s (Citizens for Responsible Ethics in Washington) “Most Corrupt” list. So yeah–that’s Darrell Issa.

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But meet the man who might finally kick Issa out of DC. Doug Applegate, Iraq War veteran and retired Marine Colonel.


Colonel Doug Applegate (retired) during his combat tour in Iraq.

Although he’s currently running a barebones campaign, with little staff and cash, Applegate shocked national political operatives by drawing Issa to a narrow 51-45 in the June primary (an Independent 3rd candidate drew 4%). In fact, this is Issa’s lowest performance in an election….EVER!

A variety of factors led to the unusually close contest. For example, high turnout for a contested Democratic primary (not typical among democratic primaries), and the fact that Applegate is a retired Marine Colonel in a district with one of the largest Marine bases in the country (Camp Pendelton). As a result, resources have started pouring in for Applegate.

Here’s how Applegate could send Issa packing, via the daily kos:

If Applegate has the resources in order to continue to make inroads with the substantial veteran population in the 49th (who are mostly No Party Preference and Republicans) and Trump is as unpopular in suburban districts like the 49th as Democrats think he’ll be— Applegate could very well could unseat America’s Worst Congressman in November.

 You know, a little unknown guy named Bernie Sanders was also thought to be a far-reaching, utopian wish dream. But he shocked the establishment by nearly beating Hillary Clinton–the choice of wall street, DC insiders, and the corporate MSM. So please help Applegate rid Congress of the poop-throwing loonies by visiting his Facebook and Act Blue page and kicking in a donation.
Featured image via Getty| Chip Somodevilla/ Staff and Daily Kos
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