‘Shame On You, Rick Scott!’: FL Governor Flees Starbucks After Customer Let’s Him Have It (VIDEO)

Democracy in action, folks!

Rick Scott was either trying to get a cup of coffee or mingle with the people who he routinely screws over in his capacity as Florida’s governor, but either way, one customer was not having it. An unidentified woman refused to stay silent when she had the opportunity to hold Scott accountable for his actions. He tries his best to fight back, but eventually flees the coffee shop having never ordered anything.

The video begins with the woman unloading on Scott over his failure to expand Medicaid in a shameless political move to hinder the effects of Obamacare as the governor waits in line checking his phone. His response to learning of one of his state’s citizens not having affordable health insurance because of his Obama hatred? “I created a million jobs.”

She wasn’t having it: “A million jobs? Great, who here has a great job? Or [if you’re] looking forward to finishing school, do you really feel like you have a job coming up?”

In fact, while Florida – along with much of the country – continues to bounce back from the Great Recession, Scott has made it as difficult as possible for regular people to live in his state. He frequently cites his “million jobs” number, but ignores (intentionally) that he laid off 5 percent of the state’s governmental employees to prove a point about Big Government. Alternatively, most of the new jobs he “created” were low paying and vulnerable. Then he backed all of that up with a refusal to work with Obamacare, meaning Florida’s poorest residents were left out in the cold.

After floating his tepid “million jobs” line, Scott apparently had no answer for why he slashed health services for women and the poor. Instead of answering, he and his staff decided to leave. The woman didn’t let up, even as he hastily made his way out the door.

Channeling us all, the man filming the encounter sums it all up with a single word: “Sweet.” The woman turns back to her computer and gets back to work.

Featured image via YouTube

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