Sexist ‘Photoshop Pro’ On Chelsea Clinton: Did Hillary ‘Pay To Lie About Her Looks?’ (IMAGES)

It didn’t take long for desperation to cause racists to go full misogynist when Hillary Clinton announced her official campaign for the Presidency. One such sexist is none other than champion of hate Brian Kolfage.

Bri-Bri has re-branded his page lately, and now brings you “Freedom Daily With Brian Kolfage.”  Apparently, “freedom” is the right to degrade a brilliant young woman like Chelsea Clinton because he doesn’t approve of her looks.

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That’s what’s really important, isn’t it Brian?

In a recent post to “Freedom Daily,” which is now nothing but a stump for his “Wounded American Warrior” website and survival gear shop, Brian attacks Hillary Clinton via daughter Chelsea over something as important as a magazine cover:

Come on Elle did you have to lie about her looks that much or did Hillary pay you guys?

Come on, Brian, have you ever heard of applauding a woman for her accomplishments instead of her looks or are you stuck in a perpetual pattern of ignorance?

The magazine cover shows Chelsea, who is by no means ugly, inside or out, in typical magazine cover fashion.  Was the image photoshopped?  Who cares?  The article is about Chelsea being a mother and her opinion on the importance of having a woman President:

[W]hen you ask about the importance of having a woman president, absolutely it’s important, for, yes, symbolic reasons — symbols are important; it is important who and what we choose to elevate, and to celebrate. – Chelsea Clinton



Until a conservative imbecile like Brian Kolfage gets a hold of it, then it’s about looks and photoshop.

In case you haven’t heard, Brian is a photoshop expert. He personally exposed the President’s birth certificate as a fake:



Well then.  Impressive.  Not only is Kolfage a full-fledged misogynist lump of crap he’s also a conspiracy theorist birther freak.  Good to know.

Brian offered this amazing insight into how this scandal may have occurred:

If you’re curious just how much Photoshop work they did on her we’d need the original, so I edited this photo so you can compare. The Elle digital team did extensive work to Chelsea’s face…

Wait…What?  To prove that Elle photoshopped the image of Chelsea, Kolfage photoshopped an image of Chelsea.  A completely unrelated image of Chelsea. To a delusional narcissist like Kolfage this is all the proof that’s needed.  Here’s a side-by-side of his inspirational work:



Wow.  Just…wow.  With the skills of a seven-year old, Brian Kolfage has managed to accomplish…absolutely nothing.

I decided to use the same investigative skills to see if Chelsea’s image was in fact photoshopped.  By taking a completely unrelated image and changing it, I intend to be as useless as Brian Kolfage, but quite a bit more entertaining:

kolfage toilet


Well by these standards Brian just may be on to something.  It appears that my test is just as successful, and there is a possibility that Elle photoshopped an image of Chelsea Clinton.

And still nobody but this misogynist trash and his hateful fan base cares. Better be careful; If you go saying mean things about Brian he’ll have his fans attack you because you’re “being mean to a wounded American veteran.”

Yeah, thanks for your service, Brian. Your story is inspirational. Everything about you since then points to you being a deplorable human being with zero moral fiber.

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