Seth Meyers RIPS Trump Administration For Making Up Terrorist Attacks To Save Face (VIDEO)

Seth Meyers killed it on Late Night once again with his segment “A Closer Look.”

On Last night’s episode, Seth ripped the Trump administration a new one for their flat out LIES about the lack of media coverage on terrorist attacks that never actually happened. Using Kellyanne Conway’s made up “Bowling Green Massacre” as an example, Meyers said that the “Titanic striking the Hindenberg” or Lee Harvey Oswald being “shot by a unicorn” is more likely to have happened.

Exploring that point further, Meyers suggests that this lie was told to cover up the even BIGGER lie that Conway said right before her Bowling Green statement. He’s probably right:

“While everyone was focused on the made up Bowling Green Massacre, there was less attention paid to Conway’s other claim — that President Obama banned Iraqi refugees — a claim that is also false.”

Seth then cited an article by Vox, which he depicted on the screen, that says that there was a new review of the roughly 57,000 Iraqi refugees that entered the United States in 2011 and that:

“While the flow of Iraqi refugees slowed significantly during the Obama administration’s review, refugees continued to be admitted to the United States during that time.”

Seth adds:

“Even when they are lying, they are distracting us from other worse lies. That’s like saying you have a girlfriend in Canada, when actually, you have a dead body in the basement.”

Seth goes on to discuss Trump’s tweet about the “so-called judge” who temporarily halted the Muslim ban as well as other insidious claims made by Trump and his “so-called” administration. He also includes statements made by lackey Chris Christie and then reminds us of the completely batshit bonkers interview Trump did with Bill O’Reilly on Sunday.


Featured image via video screen capture

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