Seth Meyers NAILS Fox News For Hypocrisy Over Their Coverage Of Hillary Vs. Trump (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton has pneumonia and is understandably taking a few days off from the campaign trail to recover. Most people would naturally have concern for her welfare, but not if those people work at Fox News, as Seth Meyers pointed out during Tuesday’s Late Night segment “A Closer Look:

“Of course, the first instinct for anyone, whether you support her or not, should be to hope she recovers quickly,” he said, “and if you work at Fox News, your second instinct is to start speculating about whether she’ll drop out of the race.”

Fox News has been chomping at the bit over this “health scare,” throwing out reports suggesting that the DNC will replace her with Joe Biden, or that it’s “all an act” and soon Bernie Sanders will be back in the race — the proof of which came from, as Meyers laughingly points out, “Some guy named Zach.”


“Oh, well if Zach says it, it MUST be true!”

Using clips from Fox News reports, Meyers goes on to paint a very funny, but also equally disturbing picture of the double standards in the race. He points out the ridiculous reaction to Hillary’s “health scare” and her “Basket of Deplorables” comment and compares those to the complete disregard of Trump’s sketchy health report and every other heinous thing he has done or said over the course of the campaign. It’s really something you need to see in its entirety.

Watch the full segment below:

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