Seriously?! Fox News Claims Obama Wants Americans to Get Ebola

Fox News commentator Dr. Kieth Ablow has decided that the President is taking a “dangerous psychological stance” when it comes to Ebola.  Dubbing the fears of the American public “ebolaphobia,” Ablow broke down his concerns:

Part of the preventive health strategy to help contain this psychological virus should be a reliable flow of information and bold policy from the Obama administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But, already, their response lacks the necessary element of steady stewardship. And that’s because of President Obama’s continuing reticence to put America first.

Ablow’s argument stems from the President’s decision not to institute a travel ban to ebola stricken countries:

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A travel ban on countries like Liberia, where Ebola is epidemic, makes sense as a technique to keep the virus from accelerating here.

Such a travel ban would go some distance to stem the tide of Ebolophobia, too. It would symbolize our country’s intention to shore up its defenses against the illness. But President Obama is very sensitive to being defined in any way by the borders of this country. I think he sees himself as a citizen of the world and sees Americans as having infected others with our deadly economic policies for a long time, thereby inflicting untold suffering on developing nations. To now lead the way to America insulating itself from a scourge sweeping the very countries he seems to think we have preyed upon could, of course, strike him (if only unconsciously) as profoundly unfair.

Yes, you read that correctly.  Dr. Ablow is accusing Obama of putting Americans at risk because of the harm we’ve caused the rest of the world.  It’s a subjective diagnosis, of course, with “if only unconsciously” conveniently placed in parenthesis.  He continues:

Let me say this plainly, as a psychiatrist who has studied this president only from a distance: In order for President Obama to keep thinking of himself as the leader of the world — and not just the free world — it may be that our boundaries must remain porous, allowing illegal immigrants and, potentially, even diseases to flow through them.

Note the keyword usage, as is to be expected from a Faux News commentator.  Ebola is inevitably linked … somehow … to illegal immigration.  Later in his article the good doctor also tosses in some ISIS for good measure:

The toll of having a president who seems to see America as having no particular manifest destiny may be seen in the spread of ISIS abroad. And it could be seen, God forbid, in not mounting a sufficient immune defense here at home, to Ebola.

Now for a dose of reality, Doctor.  The World Health Organization and the CDC have both issued statements that travel bans would be detrimental to the battle against ebola.  DHS announced last Wednesday that the 5 airports that receive the bulk of travelers from ebola laden areas, less than 200 passengers a day, would begin intense screening of those who may pose a risk.  The State Department has issued a warning against non-essential travel to and from those areas affected by the epidemic.  There have been 2 cases of ebola in the US, not quite worthy of the fear mongering you’re engaged in.

What that means, Doc, is that your article is a biased piece of right-wing propaganda.  To suggest that our President wants ebola to spread because of some psychological defect is irresponsible in the very least.

It would be fitting for the Doctor to marry into the Hard family and hyphenate.

“Now for another blathering of stupidity from medical correspondent Dr. Kieth Ablow-Hard.”

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