Seriously? Ben Carson Says Democrats Tend To Look More At ‘The Color Of Your Skin’

At an event in Jackson, Michigan, to commemorate the birthplace of the Republican Party, Ben Carson made remarks about the “racism” of the Democratic party. Carson’s token status, of which he is unaware, made the bold claim that Republicans have done a “far superior job of getting over racism” even more ridiculous than it would be normally.

Ben Carson forgot to give this guy the memo

Republicans not being racist

Republicans not being racist: Photo: Tumblr 

And that is only one of about 150,000,000 examples you can find by googling Republican and Racism together.

In 2012, more than 90 percent of black voters supported President Obama. Ben insists this means that more and more black people are leaning towards the Republican party.

The Republican Party worked very, very hard to abolish slavery and after it was abolished to try to gain rights for the freedman including the right to bear arms.

When you look at the philosophies of the two parties now, what I have noticed as a black Republican is that Republicans tend to look more at the character of people. And Democrats tend to look more at the color of their skin.

A lot of people in the minority community — contrary to popular opinion, all they want is a fair chance. All they want is an opportunity to succeed.

Source: Opposing Views

Oh lordy. What do you even say to this?

A Republican using the fact that their party abolished slavery to mean they are not racist, is like a husband who has regularly been beating his wife of 30 years saying it is ok because he paid for their wedding.

The Republican party has participated in widespread minority vilification for years. Reagan used them as the basis for the “welfare queen” myth. G.W. Bush left them dying in New Orleans with his bungling of the Katrina disaster. Ever since Barack Obama got elected, every closet racist has been emboldened by the Tea Party and their Republican enablers to the point they regularly take Confederate flags to our nation’s capital and wave them at the black president and his wife and children. Politicians and pundits make racist remarks so much that nobody even notices anymore.

Ben, just because you say something, and idiots applaud you for it, doesn’t make it true. If these people didn’t need you so they could look “not racist” they would be handing you their freakin’ keys to park their cars.

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