Senator Tom Cotton Warns That Iran Must Be Stopped: ‘They Already Control Tehran!’ (VIDEO)

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark) was a guest on Face the Nation Sunday morning to defend his ridiculous letter to Iran and the 46 other ridiculous senators that signed it.

Host Bob Scheiffer, obviously not a fan of the letter, mentioned to him that it may have undermined the President getting a nuclear deal with Iran. When asked what he thought would happen if the deal fell through, Cotton replied with a quote from Benjamin Netanyahu:

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The alternative to a bad deal is a better deal.

No, senator, the consequences of the deal falling through because of your actions is no deal. That would, however, be a precursor to the possibility of war, which is what Republicans want anyway.

Cotton continued his rant with his fears about Iran’s regional dominance:

They already control Tehran and, increasingly, they control Damascus and Beirut and Baghdad. And now, Sena’a as well.

First off, senator, Tehran is in the heart of Iran. It’s their Capital. As for the other cities you’re claiming they have a hold of, you’re clearly speaking of ISIS, a regional threat that Iran opposes as much as the US does.

Way to show your foreign policy knowledge. Sarah Palin would be proud.

Watch the interview with Tom Cotton on Face the Nation Below.

H/T: Raw Story | Image: Charles Topher

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