Senator Calls For Homeland Security To Investigate Trump Modeling Agency’s Immigration Scam

Following a report that busted the shady visa practices used by Donald Trump’s modeling agency when bringing in foreign talent, a U.S. senator is calling for the Department of Homeland Security to open an investigation into Trump’s immigration scam.

Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) is calling on federal officials to investigate the alleged labor and immigration violations committed by Trump Model Management. The shady immigration practices used to bring in foreign models came to light when three models who had formerly worked with the Republican nominee’s agency spilled the beans to Mother Jones.

All three models are non-U.S. citizens and claim that they worked as models in the U.S. while in the country on tourist visas rather than work visas. This is a violation of immigration laws that the GOP nominee’s agency was clearly aware of. They even instructed the girls on how to lie when dealing with immigration officials after traveling out of the country and returning.

A fourth model filed a lawsuit which included financial and immigration records that prove she was working for Trump’s agency while on a tourist visa.

On Wednesday, Boxer wrote a letter to León Rodríguez, the director of the US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS), a part of the Department of Homeland Security, asking for an investigation to be opened into these allegations . A copy of the letter was also sent to Labor Secretary Tom Perez.

“I am extremely concerned by the claims levied against Trump Model Management and ask that you open an investigation into the company’s employment practices,” the senator wrote.

Boxer described the allegations that were revealed in Mother Jones’ report as “disturbing.” She called on DHS to begin investigating the allegations against Trump and his modeling agency, demanding that they “make clear that immigration and labor violations like these will not be tolerated.”

You can read Sen. Boxer’s full letter below:

Image via Mother Jones

Image via Mother Jones

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